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Friday, November 23, 2012

The New Dino Bundle!

Great Scratchers!

Have You Heard? The Dinosaur Wizards Have come into the Spiral! Weird...

Featuring the DINO BUNDLE:

Awesome Right? I'm getting me one of those. It Features an Awesome House, Mount, Gear, Bow, Baby Dino, And A Month or 5000 CROWNS!

This is Awesome! 

That's It for Today! Let's Walk the Dinosaur!,
~Adventurous Nathan~
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New W101 Commercial!


How Are You Guys? Guess What? W101 Finally Unveils Their New Commercial!

Here it is:

Well That's It Guys!

~Adventurous Nathan~
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Friday, November 16, 2012

Major Step-Back, And UPDATES Complete!


It has been SOME Time Hasn't it? Well I have a lot of work and We Wad some major maintenance with the SITE While keeping it running, and well that's hard.

Just a Quick Look-up:

Veteran's Day Passed Sadly O; But You Got a Nice Medal Stand!

Azteca in Wizard101

Play The KIFREEGAME Grub Guardian On The IPod/Pad/Phone in November 2012 and Receive an Ice Elf Pet at December! Play It on the Web in November 2012 And Receive A Storm Beetle! 

Well That's Much It, I WILL Be Back at my regular postings now, unless a flunk with the Updates :#...

Until Then Keep on Adventurin',
~Adventurous Nathan~

P.S. Congrats Edward LifeGem For Being An Official Kingsisle Fansite!
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pirate101 Test Realm Is Up!

Yaar Maties!

This is a SHORT Heads-up! The P101 Test Realm is open for TESTING.

Check it out now Here!

Sorry this has been short, we are still dealing with upgrades with the site ;)


P.S. Have a Happy Election Day (U.S.A)
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chillin' Like a Villian!

Yaaarr Maties! I am Back With Some Swashbucklin' Excitement!

First off, Just Completed The Main Up-most Area's Such as Monquista/Skull Island And Going on to cool ranch. I got to be a Disguised Armada goon Which was Fun!

Then Trying to Pry for Marco Pollo Maps And Got Disappointed that well, I didn't get Any Info on him, But I DID GET A WINDSTONE TO COOL RANCH! Awesome Right? RIGHT? OkAy, I'll Leave That to you! Then I had to fight some more Armada Goons, As I say, And a Armada Jester?

Weird Right? Well That's Pretty Much it, See You At Cool Ranch! By The Way The Guides Page And All Guides are All almost done, we are also Taking in New Staff Members! Email for more info!

Keep on Sailin' Maties,
~Adventurous Nathan~

P.S. BOOOO! Have a Happy Halloween!
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New W101 World of Azteca! In The Test Realm!


O Boy, What a Day, Kingsisle Has just recently Released a New World in Wizard101 Named, Azteca, So my Theories of Polaris Were Wrong, but that the Explain the Upcoming Prehistoric Bundle (More on that soon).

One Thing Though, I believe that This IS the Last World for the Morganthe Saga, well Because She's In the Front Like Malistare Was In Dragonspyre And As Explained Before The release In an Article That You Would Have A face off With her (Battle), Check Out The Article Here. But I'm more interested in that Green dressed dude next to her. Rumors Say that's Malistare Resurrected! But Rumors Are Rumors... Basically The World is "Prehistoric" And Well It's Just Amazing Look:

The World is In Distress Though, Morganthe Appears to have come to this world by that comet in the picture above and it looks like it is going to hit the world anytime soon, Which is were you come in.

The World Does Have NEW SPELLS As Well, but that's for you to see:

And Woah! But Not Everyone Has known ALL the Spells So Just wait in time they'll show. And For a Treat I made a video as A Preview:

More Info Here (Test Realm Notes Currently).

Thanks For readin',
~Adventurous Nathan~
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Monday, October 15, 2012

Pirate101 Is Out! Play Now!

Yaar Maties!

Did ye 'Ear, Pirate101 is Here!

Maties It is Time Rise all Thy Sails And Head For Skull Island! Play With Your Heart And Enjoy The Game, If you Haven't made an account Click the Play Now Button Way Above!

It has been a grueling wait for thee without a closed beta key ye hear, But You can play now, For Free As WELL!

Boochbeard will be expecting you! Have Fun guys!

Pssst... I won't be surprised if the Servers All Crashed...

Also Be sure to Check out the New Pre-Paid Cards Here, As Well As the New Cutthroat Bundle Here!

Also For Those Young Wizards, Expect Ye New "Historical" Bundle coming soon, More Info on that soon!

Thanks For Readin',
~Adventurous Nathan~
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